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Projects I see that are somewhat outside my realm but might be fun for you to participate in.

If you have an existing agent please submit using their contact details.

If you do not have an agent but wish to submit via SPM please advise me via email with your contact details and the job you have applied for.

The Toddler Project

Deadline 10am August 2nd 2021



We have an Australian client seeking funny and memorable home videos of toddlers engaged in a conversation. The more bizarre their conversations / actions are, the better  as the conversations will be re-enacted by an adult actor. We are looking for an array of scenarios and would love to see videos of toddlers engaged in imaginary play as they pretend to be an adult (for instance, maybe pretending to go to work or be a yoga instructor or be a parent or a teacher – anything that sparks their imagination) or maybe they are talking in a conversation that feels as though they are doing their best to be an adult. Or maybe it’s just a normal toddler conversation but what they say is rather strange or funny.


Part of the humour in the video and child’s performance should be, can you imagine if an adult behaved in this way? Whether it be through irrationality or entitlement or drama or humour. It’s only acceptable because it’s a child.


This may be a video you have had in your library for a while or maybe you ask your child to role-play or have a chat with them to unleash some funny moments. All we ask is that your child is as unguarded as possible – they should not be self-conscious or aware of the camera but rather in their own playful zone, seeing the world as they do.


Where possible the video should focus on just one child – not multiple.


If your video is submitted the casting team will let you know the next steps!

Click for Additional Project Details and wardrobe form

These Videos can come from anywhere in Aust or NZ.

 Once the final selections are made, the agents will be notified and the Kids will be paid the relevant MEAA minimums (which is not much) for us to use their footage in this Social Art project.  


Each video will be classed as an audition/application until final contracts etc are signed.   No Footage will be used in any format or broadcast until this final step.


Have fun

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