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Laura Kokaua

Laura has been cast in a guest role in "Shortland Street".


We can't wait to see what she brings to the show

Deni Carson-2023-110.jpg

Deni Carson

Deni has been cast in "Apple Cider Vinegar", a mini series directed by Jeffrey Walker.

The life of wellness guru Belle Gibson, who had a large social media following, where she pretended to be suffering from cancer but keeping the disease under control using self-care therapies. She confessed that none of it was true, Apple Cider Vinegar, promises to be the watch of the coming year.


Samuel Litvensky

Samuel has been appearing in Little Woman as Freidrich Bhaer at Illawarra Performing Arts.


Producer by Page 9 Productions.

Dir; Billee Harris. 


The show and Samuel received fantastic reviews. 


Gentiane Lupi

Gentiane has been cast in "Not Even" shooting in Wellington over coming months.

Directed by Ainsley Gardiner, written by Dana Leaming, "Not Even" is a TV series about five young friends and flatmates who grapple with what it means to be Maori in the 2020s.


Hariata Moriarty

Hariata features as Aroha in "Red, White & Brass" which has been wowing audiences in NZ and from mid June will be in theatres in Australia.

Directed by Damon Fepulea'i and written by Damon Fepulea'i | Halaifonua Finau (co-writer).


What starts out as just a cynical scam to see a rugby game becomes a journey of self-discovery in which Maka and Veni will learn the importance of their Tongan culture. 

Robbie 2.jpeg

Robbie Durrant

Robbie has been cast in new Australian series for Disney+ "The Artful Dodger" based on the story Oliver! by Charles Dickens alongside international stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Pistol, The Queens Gambit), David Thewlis (Fargo, Naked) and Australia’s Maia Mitchell (Good Trouble, The Fosters) and Damon Herriman (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Judy and Punch).

Set in 1850s Australia the series follows adult double life of Charles Dickens' famous prince of thieves Dodger now a surgeon, but who can't shake his predilection for crime.

Directed by Corrie Chen, Gracie Otto and Jeffrey Walker.

Cast by Leigh Pickford, Maura Fay, Sydney


Margaret Rowe

Margaret has been cast in "Mother & Son".  Recreated by Matt Okine from the original series by Geoffrey Atherden, Mother & Son (8 x 30 minute comedy series) is a bold reimagining of the beloved 1980’s ABC comedy, for a new era.

Produced by Jude Troy, Richard Finlayson and Alex Cameron. Directed by 

Neil Sharma and Kriv Stenders.

Cast by Kirsty McGregor and her team.


Sebastian Carr

Sebastian has completed shooting his latest role on "Human Error" a TV mini series out of ITV Studios USA. 

To be released in Australia (Channel 9) later in 2023 Human Error is directed by Fiona Banks and Mat King and stars Leeanna Walsman and Stephen Peacocke, 

Cast by Kirsty McGregor and her team.

176 Megan Edwards 24-01-20HR.jpg

Megan Edwards

Megan has been cast as Junee in "After the Party" shooting in Wellington, NZ early 2023.

Produced by Helen Bowden – Lingo Pictures, Peter Salmon – Luminous Beast and Liz DiFiore, Directed by Peter Salmon, After the Party is a 6 ep TV series funded by funded by Te Puna Kairangi – The Premium Producton Fund and NZonAir.

Cast by Tina Cleary and Kate McGill


Tyson Palmer

Tyson has been cast as Young Nori in Season 2 of ​"Rock Island Mysteries" shooting in Queensland. Produced by Nickelodeon USA and Fremantle Media, Australia and directed by Grant Brown, the second series will be released in late 2023.

Cast by Tom McSweeney and Dave Newman.


Robbie Durrant

Robbie has been cast in  crime TV series  "North Shore" alongside Australian screen identities Claire Lovering, Matt Passmore and Dan Spielman.

Produced for Paramount+, when British and Australian detectives team up to solve a murder mystery, they uncover a conspiracy with international political consequences as well as a clash of cultures.

Directed by Gregor Jordan

Cast by Leigh Pickford, Maura Fay, Sydney


Sebastian Carr

Sebastian has been cast in the "The Clearing" alongside Australian stars Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Julia Savage and Miranda Otto.

The Clearing is an upcoming Australian eight-part psychological thriller television series produced for Disney+ and inspired by the dark and haunting story of a real-life cult with a female leader.


The series will premiere on 24 May 2023 on Disney+ and Hulu.


Directed by Jeffrey Walker and Gracie Otto, it is based on the best-selling book by J.P. Pomare

Cast by Jane Norris.

Helen Pearse-Otene 2.jpg

Helen Pearse Otene

Helen has completed shooting her latest role as Tanea on TV Movie "The Untold Tales of Tuteremoana", written and directed by Hiona Henare and also starring Lawrence Makoare, Isis Bradley and Hariata Moriarty


Hariata Moriarty

Hariata has completed shooting her latest role on TV Movie "The Untold Tales of Tuteremoana", written and directed by Hiona Henare and also starring Lawrence Makoare, Isis Bradley and Helen Pearse Otene.


Peyton Morete

Peyton recently completed shooting her role of  "Vonnie" in the feature film "It's All About You" alongside Neill Rea and Alison Bruce.  Written and directed by Mike Smith.


Karl Willetts

Karl has been cast in "Far North"  a six x one hour scripted series telling the story of how the most comically inept gang to ever join forces got half a billion dollars’ worth of meth to New Zealand shores – and nearly to market. And they would have got away with it too -- if it wasn’t for that pesky seventy-old Māori diesel mechanic and his aqua-aerobics instructing wife.

Far North, starring Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcolm was produced by Chris Bailey for South Pacific Pictures and directed by David White.

Cast by Tina Cleary


Celeste Wong

Celeste has recently completed filming on BBC TV series “Stonehouse” alongside Matthew Macfadyen, Keely Hawes, Emer Heatley, Dorothy Atkinson and Kevin McNally. 

Stonehouse named after John Stonehouse who staged his death on a Miami beach in 1974, is a three-part series co-produced by UK indies Clearwood Films and Snowed-In Productions.  Written by John Preston (A Very British Scandal) and directed by Jon S. Baird, Stonehouse promises to be a great watch.

And hard on the heels of Stonehouse, came her role in “Apartment 7A”, a feature film, starring Julia Garner and Dianne Wiest. More info to come.


Victoria Seymour

Victoria is currently featuring in Shortland St as Jacqueline Trent a lawyer with a lot of experience in employment disputes and settling sexual harassment and misconduct claims.  She is efficient, ambitious, and laser-focused on getting justice for her clients.

Victoria has also recently featured in Encounters, as Lindy.


Hariata Moriarty

Hariata's  latest role is Whetu in Beyond The Veil's latest episode Beyond The Mist: TeKohu:  directed by Michael and Matariki Bennett. Now streaming on TVNZ On Demand. 


Tyson and Tieralee Palmer

NBC's Young Rock is shooting Series 2 in Queensland. Tyson Palmer is back in his role as Sebi and is this season joined by sister, Tieralee. So proud of these youngsters.

Chayla 1.jpg

Chayla Korewha

Chayla has been busy with first a role as The Princess in "Thor: Love and Thunder" which shot in Sydney, Australia. Directed by Taika Waititi and starring Matt Damon, Karen Gillan, Natalie Portman, Christina Bale, Chris Pratt, Chris and Luke Hemsworth, Melissa McCarthy, Russell Crowe, Sam Neill and so many more. 

Next up was her role as Adrian in "La Brea", an American drama television series shot in Melbourne, Australia. La Brea premiered on NBC on September 28, 2021.The series, produced by Keshet Studios and Universal Television, is created and executive produced by David Appelbaum and once again starring an all star lineup.


Seb Carr


Seb has completed shooting on "Spreadsheet" a streaming comedy series from Paramount. Directed by Darren Ashton and Sian Davies, Spreadsheet is shooting in Melbourne, Australia.

Seb's character, Calvin, first appears in Ep 7 of Series 1


Karl Willetts


Karl appears as Bill in Jane Campion's "Power of the Dog" which has  received numerous industry accolades including a 4 minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. 

074 Megan Edwards 24-01-20HR_edited.jpg

Megan Edwards

Megan features as Alice in A24's new TV series "Mr. Corman" which debuts 6 August on Apple TV+. Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote, directed and starred in this dark comedy featuring a melancholic teacher in crisis.

Wellington stood in for the suburban LA location, with all episodes shot earlier this year. 46 NZ cast and 16 NZ HODs were in the productions. 88% of the crew were New Zealanders. Heading the crew was NZ Line Producer Pamela Harvey-White.

"Mr Corman" was supported by the Government-backed New Zealand Screen Production Grant.


Stef Chang


Short film 'Spoiled Milk' in which Stef  featured as Ruby, has been selected for Venice Shorts Film Festival

Dominik Shields


Dominik is appearing at The Butterfly Club, Melbourne in the Scary Goats Tour from 22 March - 4 April. Sounds like it's a great show and Dominik is always worth seeing.


Megan Edwards

Megan features as Marlene in the latest series of "Wellington Paranormal", Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's "What We Do In The Shadows" spin-off. The third series started airing on TVNZ 2 on 24 February 21


Tyson Palmer

Tyson stars as Sebi in the new TV Comedy Series "Young Rock", which premiered on NBC on 16 February. "Young Rock" is a look at the formative years of superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as he grows up. Starring Dwayne Johnson.


Tyson, is an old hand, having previously starred in "Pine Gap", "Occupation Rainfall" and "Harrow".


Bevin Linkhorn

Bevin features in the latest series of "Wellington Paranormal" in which Officers Minogue and O'Leary are keeping the streets of Aotearoa's capital safe from the unexplainable in Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's "What We Do In The Shadows" spin-off. Currently airing on TVNZ 2 at 8.30pm on Wednesdays.


Lee Palmer

Lee has recently featured in the new TV Comedy Series "Young Rock", which premiered on NBC on 16 February. "Young Rock" is a look at the formative years of superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as he grows up. Starring Dwayne Johnson. For Lee this was his first role as the School Bus Driver


Hariata Moriarty

Starring the amazing Hariata Moriarty as Missy, “Cousins” is a powerful story of three cousins who spend a lifetime in search of each other, separated by circumstances yet connected by blood.  The story of Mata, raised by a cruel guardian who keeps her from her family, Makareta, the reluctant princess of her tribe, and Missy, overlooked but in the end the glue that holds them together. Three cousins, once thrown together and as women grown apart, ultimately sharing a connection that can never be broken.


Written by Briar Grace - Smith & Patricia Grace, directed by Ainsley Gardiner and Briar Grace - Smith​.  Producers: Ainsley Gardiner and Georgina Allison Conder

Based on Patricia Grace's classic novel, “Cousins” will be released nationwide (NZ) on 4 March 2021. View trailer

Karl Willetts Head shot.jpg

Karl Willetts


Karl Willetts wrapped 2020 shooting on "Punch" alongside Tim Roth.


Writer and director Welby Ings commented, “This story is very close to my heart, and I’m thrilled to be bringing it to life. I’m excited to be collaborating with the extraordinarily talented Tim Roth. It’s wonderful to welcome him to a film set in Aotearoa.”

Punch is written and directed by Welby Ings, produced by Robin Murphy (Lowdown Dirty Criminals) for Robin Murphy Productions and Catherine Fitzgerald (The Orator, Bellbird) of Blueskin Films and will be released in late 2021.

Robin Brown (3).jpg

Robin Brown


Robin stars as Damian in "Sex & Death" on SBS Viceland. Sex and Death is a comedic feature that follows aspiring but hopeless Charlie and her lost cause attempts at romance, Robin plays a duplicitious lover.

Produced by Kewel Studios, Sex and Death airs on 27 November 2020


Jodine Holli Wolman


Jodine has recently completed filming on Australian TV Docu- Series, "Deadly Women", produced by Beyond Productions.

Deadly Women fuses bone chilling story telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history's most alluring, intriguing and horrifying female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past and delves into a deadly world shaped by spiraling forces that are beyond the women's control: obsession, greed, and revenge.

Untitled design (1).png

Hayley Flowers


Hayley stars as the antagonist in feature film "Guilt" which is to be released in the US on September 15th on Amazon Prime.


Hayley's role as the gritty Grace, is a step into a darker world  from her previous work, one role winning her best comedy actress at the LA Webfest.


Dominik Shields


Dominik was booked to appear in the "Melbourne Comedy Festival" but Covid-19 interfered with those plans but she is currently appearing in the latest "Lexus" commercial

Peyton Morete_.jpg

Peyton Morete


Peyton has released a new song, "Looped"  She wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered it in lockdown. Great way to use her time and I think it's her best song yet. Check it out here

Karl Willetts Head shot.jpg

Karl Willetts


Karl Willetts has been announced as part of the cast for the upcoming Jane Campion film, "The Power of the Dog".  Karl joins Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Kodi Smith-McPhee and fellow Kiwi and rising star Thomasin McKenzie.

The screenplay, written by Jane Campion is an adaptation of the Thomas Savage Novel. The plot follows a pair of brothers who own a large ranch in Montana are pitted against each other when one of them gets married.

Netflix will release the film in 2021 in theatres and on it’s platform. Transmission Films will release the film theatrically in Australia and New Zealand.

Vanessa Cater

Vanessa recently completed shooting on "Jumanji, The Next Level" which released in December 2019 and "Black Lightening" an American superhero television drama series, developed by Salim Akil, that premiered on The CW on January 16, 2018.


After a short break in LA she is back in Atlanta as a recurring guest star on "Doom Patrol" AND stunts on Marvel Studios "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier"

Peyton Morete

Peyton has released her latest song and it’s stunning. Peyton is a 17 year old New Zealand artist with a great voice who writes and produces her own music. She wins practically every competition she enters and  is already working regularly as a musician.


You can listen to her latest song here

Hariata Moriarty

Hariata features in Sam Kelly directed feature film "Savage" which was released this week at the Busan Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival. Casting by Miranda Rivers

and Jermaine Clement's "Wellington Paranormal" which is a spin-off from the 2014 film "What We Do In The Shadows".

The film was written, directed and performed by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement and last year America's FX channel commissioned a series based on it – also called What We Do In The Shadows. Cast by Tina Cleary.

Victoria Seymour


After several years, treading the boards in plays in Wellington, Victoria is currently starring as the lead in the Trade Me;There’s someone for everything TVC.

Peter Hatherley

Peter has been cast as Leonato, Lord of Messina in the open air, Shakespearean comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing", to be celebrated at the Fairfield Ampitheatre, Melbourne from January 24  to February 1, 2020. 


Produced by GJ Productions.


Alana Pearce

Alana stars in the recent Fujitsu TV commercial


Celine Ajobong

Celine has just completed filming on Season 3 of "Mustangs FC", reprising her role of Ruby. "Mustangs FC" airs in Australia on ABC ME, in the UK on CBBC and Universal Kids in North America.

Cast by Mullinars Sydney, Mustangs FC was nominated for Best Children's television series in 2017 at the AACTA Awards and in 2018 won Fiona Banks won Best Direction of a Children's Drama Series. In 2018 Mustangs was also nominated for a Logie award as Outstanding Children 's Program.

Vanessa Cater

Vanessa has just returned from Atlanta working on Jumanji: The Next LevelTrailer here and is straight into her recurring guest star role on DC's "Doom Patrol" also shooting in Atlanta.


Emma Kinane

Emma's play "Anahera" premiered at Circa Theatre and won Outstanding New New Zealand Play 2017 at the Wellington Theatre Awards.  In September 2019 "Anahera" had a successful London debut with a season at the Finborough Theatre.

Emma is an award winning writer and actor. She is a graduate of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School and has worked as an actor, writer and director in theatre, television, film and radio.


Seb Carr

Seb features as one of the Kelly Gang in "True History of the Kelly Gang" which showed at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019 and is due for general release in early 2020.

Based on Peter Carey's novel and cast by Barrett Casting, "True History of the Kelly Gang" was directed by Justin Kurzel and stars George MacKay and Essie Davis as Ned and Ellen Kelly and Russel Crowe as Harry Power.


Sophie Hardy

Sophie was cast by Thea McLeod as  Lacy Lane in "Neighbours". Lacy is a friend of Kirsha Rebecchi at Erinsborough High School, sister of Olivia and daughter of Angela.  Her role appears this month and will feature in coming weeks.



Jye Marshall

Jye has been a regular presenter on TV show "Get Arty" since 2017. "Get Arty" is a creative adventure for kids, diving into all things art, produced by Seven West Media and airing Monday – Friday on 7 Two (Australia).


Jye has appeared recently on OffBeat, The Morning Show (7 Network Au) and Mainland Tonight to name just a few.

Karl Willetts


Karl is currently shooting his 5th series as  Frankie "Frodo" Oades on "The Brokenwood Mysteries", The Brokenwood Mysteries shoots in New Zealand and airs on Prime TV in New Zealand as well as Acorn TV (USA), France 3 (France), DR (Denmark), Italy (Giallo) and Nine Network (Australia).  Cast by Annabel Lomas.


Helen Pearse-Otene

Helen features as the Nurse in “Daffodils” a New Zealand musical drama film directed by David Stubbs and releasing this week.


"Daffodils" stars Rose McIver and George Mason. Based on the award-winning New Zealand stage play inspired by a true story, the film follows an indie musician who, after being told by her father on his death bed, recounts her parents' bittersweet romance. Cast by Tina Cleary and Miranda Rivers.


Tyson Taylor-Palmer

Tyson starred as Louise James in the Netflix series, "Pine Gap", cast by Maura Fay Casting (Ann Fay and Leigh Pickford).


Despite his very young age, this is not Tyson's first role as he also appeared in "Harrow" as Noah Dalton earlier this year.


Paul Eenhorn

Paul Eeenhorn stars as Jim in “Viper Club,” which premiered this week at the Toronto Film Festival. An original feature film starring Susan Sarandon and co-stars Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie,” “The Sopranos”) and Matt Bomer (“The Normal Heart,” “Magic Mike”).

“Viper Club” was directed by filmmaker Maryam Keshavarz (writer-director of “Circumstance”), co-written with Jonathan Mastro. 


Alana Pearce

Alana features this week in New Zealand's "Shortland St" as Alyssa Cain.

Cast by Andrea Kelland

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